Building Together: Salvaged Tiles

The tiles that are being removed from the Connors Hill exterior are available for members of the congregation to take. Over the next few weekends, the salvaged tiles will be stored on pallets in the lot directly north of the Connors Hill site. Feel free to take as many as you would like. And as a reminder, please do not enter the fenced areas around the church for any reason. Thanks!

Building Together: The Work Begins!

We're so grateful (and excited) to let you know that the first tangible signs of the Building Together project are underway as of this week! The scaffolding is up and the recladding work is beginning at Connors Hill. Praise the Lord for his provision! If you attend Connors Hill, please be patient with the work and respect the construction area. Ensure kids stay outside of the fenced area. Lastly, check in regularly with the Building Together foyer displays for updates on work and fundraising.

2018 06 21 - 01.jpg
2018 06 21 - 02.jpg
Building Together: June 2018

Each month we hope to provide an update on the progress of the Building Together project including the state of specific project goals and new giving and commitment numbers. Download the June 2018 update here.

Building Together Updates (Connors Hill and Southeast)

Each site in May heard an update of the progress so far on the Building Together project, including new giving and commitment numbers, results from the recent survey, the ability to designate giving between sites, a couple of Connors Hill projects, and how to stay informed. Check it out!

Building Together: Week 6

Due to technical difficulties on Sunday, we don't have a video of the Building Together Update (Jason Olfert) or the teaching (Jeremy). You can access the audio of each below, and let us know if you have any questions as we continue to seek God's leading in this important season.

Building Together: Week 5

Listen as Jeremy gives an update on Building Together and challenges us to learn, pray, and pledge as the Lord leads.

Listen as Jeremy digs into Scripture and helps us discover what God has to say about our finances.

Building Together: Week 4

Listen as Ryan Corbett gives an update on the Building Together project and ways to engage.

Listen as Jud gives us a picture of what it looks like to be salt and light in the world today.