May God continue to grace us with his joy, strength and encouragement as we press on to follow Jesus together.


Building together is about walking in step with Jesus and continuing our rich legacy for years to come.



The world is broken. Not only in other places, but right here in our city. And, if we’re willing to look, right inside each of our hearts. But God has not abandoned us. His heart is set on healing, and he has sent the Saviour—Jesus Christ. Jesus was born, lived perfectly, taught and demonstrated the good life, died for our forgiveness, was raised from the dead, and appeared to hundreds of people. 

Jesus is God’s best news to the world—that our greatest enemies, even pain and death, don’t get the last word. Jesus told his followers that his joy was not just meant for them but for everyone. Through the power of God and the lives of those who follow Jesus, his new life is covering the globe and transforming billions of lives.

As the church, we are the gathered community for broken ones being made whole. We are the people of welcome, a safe family where life-change can happen. We are Jesus’ love sent to the hurting, the hungry, the successful, the sick, and the lonely. We are the light that beams into the darkness speaking, “Yes!” to those who long for abundant lives. Along with all who hope in Jesus, we are the flowing river of God restoring wholeness to the world one person at a time.


Embracing the Future


Celebrating the Past

Since Central began in 1900, the Edmonton area has grown from less than 2000 people to over 1.3 million. Central has grown up along with the city, multiplying into over a dozen churches, each committed to seeing followers mature and more people meet Jesus. 

Along the way, we have worked to become a diverse and welcoming family for all who are seeking God. We are joyful not only when we gather but also when we scatter. We recognize the privilege it is for each of us to bring Jesus’ love to our city, and we rejoice when we have the opportunity to send others across the world to live God’s adventure.

Different locations and buildings have come and gone, but our heartbeat has remained the same: church community is the context where Jesus changes lives. We celebrate this history.


Embracing the Future

With over a century of sustained growth and spiritual fruit, we believe now is the time for our next bold effort. We have invested in a permanent location for our Southeast congregation, and we desire to revitalize our Connors Hill facility. In all of this, our heart is to move forward in our shared desire to follow Jesus together.

With all of this in mind, we invite you into the next chapter of our story—to welcome the blessing of continued growth, to meet the needs of a larger and ever more diverse body of believers, to equip and release one another into the city and beyond, and to always be able to welcome the next person seeking to pursue life with Jesus.


It's humbling to think of the commitment and sacrifice that brought us here over the last 100 years since Central was established.  Our Building Together video looks at our rich heritage and how it drives us into the next chapter: