Facilities are not the top priority in the Kingdom, but they can be powerfully useful tools when we place them in Jesus’ hands for his use.


CONNORS HILL: Revitalize the Facility

Each weekend, about 600 people, representing every generation and over 25 countries of origin, gather for worship at Connors Hill. Since its construction in 1973, the Connors Hill facility has been used nearly every day as a resource for friendship, ministry and outreach. 

The Connors Hill Development Team was created in 2014 to investigate and develop a plan for necessary maintenance and potential development of the facility. After three years of effort by the team including extensive consultation with the city, a successful rezoning process and significant congregational feedback on various options, Central’s congregation formally approved the “Roadmap to Redevelopment” on October 1st, 2017. 

This plan outlines a conservative, five-stage approach to transform our Connors Hill facility’s function and appearance into something far more outreach-oriented and inviting to a broader community of believers and seekers. It is a complete roadmap that prepares our facility to be a resource with greater potential for ministry, outreach, church family functions, community access, and multisite growth. The proposed changes carry with them spiritual potential aimed at deepening our relationships with God, one another and our neighbours. 

The complete Roadmap to Redevelopment is available HERE. 


The 5 stages




Debt Reduction

After nearly six years of fruitful ministry in various locations, our Southeast congregation put down roots in a permanent facility on August 27th, 2017. Currently over 200 people attend the Southeast site each weekend with strong representation from every generation. With over one-third of the congregation under the age of 12, this is a community with a future!

The new facility is situated in a strategic location near the new communities of Summerside and the Orchards, and it is easily accessible to those west of Highway 2. At this time, the site is one of only two church facilities in our city south of Ellerslie Road, an area that is rapidly growing with young families and new immigrants to Canada. We believe Jesus has led us to this specific area of the city with a vision to see countless lives transformed for years to come. 

With plenty of natural light, a 300-seat auditorium and numerous multipurpose rooms, the facility is positioned as an ideal place to gather for worship on Sundays and a powerful resource for practical ministry and community outreach during the week. Through relationships, various programs and a partnership with a local preschool, lives are already being impacted in this facility nearly every day.

Southeast Debt Reduction: $3,750,000

SE MAP.png

The Building Together Plan

Through a feasibility study conducted in winter 2017, we believe it is possible, with the joyful and generous support of the Central family, to raise up to $5,500,000 or more beyond normal giving over the next three years. By reaching this goal, we will be able to complete Stages 1, 2 and 3 at Connors Hill as well as reduce our Southeast investment debt from $3,750,000 to $700,000. We will move forward in the Roadmap to Redevelopment process as support is raised, without taking on additional debt. If sufficient support is raised beyond our goal, we will continue on to Stages 4 and 5.

A successful effort would have a multiplied benefit as we will not only increase the potential of our facilities for ministry and outreach, but also free up Kingdom finances that are currently going towards debt financing. As always, our heart is to manage all that God has given us to the best of our ability in a way that has maximum influence in the lives of real people.


According to the “Halo Effect Project”, an extensive study of church budget impact on surrounding community: 

“For every dollar a religious congregation spends on its programs, a city gets an estimated $4.77 worth of common good services.”